Balenusa is a go-to venue to celebrate various events, including wedding celebrations, engagement parties, corporate gatherings and more

Inspired by bale, Javanese building with cone-shaped roof, also known as joglo, the architecture showcases the main essence of the traditional pavilion which has no walls to maximize airflow and sunlight. Here, the traditional architecture was combined with modern design.

There are several areas in Balenusa, including private rooms and pendopo or ballroom. In total, the venue can accommodate between six and 300 people, providing customers with the ability to adjust their events.The pendopo offers indoor and outdoor areas that can be used as a ballroom, making it convenient for large events, such as wedding or engagement parties.

For sit-down dinners, private rooms are the suitable choice. These private rooms can also be combined and turned into a function room to accommodate 70 people.

The Menu is among the greatest advantages of holding the events in Balenusa. Managed by Sarirasa Catering, customers are given the freedom to choose any delicious dish served by all the brands under Sarirasa Group; Sate Khas Senayan, Sate & Seafood Senayan, TeSaTe and Gopek.

With regard to presentation, Balenusa caters a variety of events, including sit-down dinners or buffet. Food stalls are provided based on customer’s request. Most importantly, all the facilities above are completed with Indonesian hospitality, featuring well-trained and experienced staff members.

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